Pearl Prather - Original Logo Picture 2Walk into this store and step into an environment of calming tranquility and you will find a flow of positive energy you cannot deny.

I always get a wonderful feeling when people come into the store and the first thing they tell me is how good the energy feels and that the stress from the day just melts off of them once they are here. As they come in, the first thing they experience is the flow of energy that the store offers. As you make your way past the large assortment of teas on one side and herbs on the other side, your eyes spot an assortment of incense like no other in the area.ms1

We offer more than 150 different flavors of incense that are hand dipped and naturally dried in both cones and sticks. We also have that many different fragrance oils that are of top quality at a very reasonable price that can’t be beat. Once you make your way through the incense island, just to the left you come to an area when you can sit and relax and take a load off your feet. Where you can thumb through a nice selection of books both for sale and reference.

The store holds many fascinating items; you are sure to find something to add to your many treasures whether they are incense, oils, burners, sarongs and tapestries. Wicca ritual items, such as athames, pendulums, gems stones, tarot cards, candles, statues, jewelry, wands, bath salts, ritual and renaissance clothing, herbs and teas. We have walking staffs and swords, books, sage, altar cloths and more.In the center of this space is a very large tribal drum that just beckons you to play with it and feel the beat of your own inner drum.

171498_196473500368653_3663613_oOpposite this area you will find a string of display cases. Two of them are full of crystals and gemstones and just to the left of that is a large upright case that is full of even more stones and crystals of all sizes and types. There, you are sure to find something special that you may need. We offer a variety of classes throughout the week and weekends.For more information or to register for a class or healing session, call the us at 813-986-3212.

We have psychic and tarot readers available every day. Come by to see what is in your future. Walk-ins are welcome or call for an appointment. We offer gift certificates and lay-a-way. Visiting Mystikal Scents will truly be an experience to enjoy. Come in and sit a “spell” and visit with like-minded people. Your presence will be a blessing to us all.

Before you leave feel free to visit our faerie garden and our hall park, to see if you can find the faeries. The garden is a work of love by our staff member Bobbi Johnson and the mural and hall artwork is by Ray Prather. Both are full of fun and fantasy! Come and enjoy it all.


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Mystikal Scents

9545 E. Fowler Ave.

Thonotosassa, FL  33592


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