Sapphire and Ezmarelda

Come in and meet the new additions to the

Mystikal Scents Family

Sapphire a black tabby who came to visit and stayed. Sapphire was born in Brooksville on May 22, 2017 and is a Gemini… Sapphire prefers not to be held but loves to play. She loves to be petted and scratched but like any cat, will only stand it for a short time. Her favorite thing to do is hiding. With boxes and purses being her favorite, so lady’s if you leave your purse unattended you may find her sleeping cozily in you purses.

We had wanted two kittens when Audra found Sapphire the only girl they had. However, just three short weeks later Audra finds Sapphire a little sister. Meet Ezmarelda, a solid black tabby. She is also a Gemini, Born in New Port Richey on June 6, 2017. At first, she was so tiny we had to take Ezmarelda home every night. Though she is still very little, she has doubled her size since coming to live with us at Mystikal Scents. Ezmarelda absolutely loves to be held and played with! You will often find her into some kind of mischief.

Often you will find both Sapphire and Ezmarelda asleep in their basket, exhausted from their mischievous adventures.

Sapphire had no concept of how rough she was when playing with Ezmarelda at first. Now they play with each other without getting hurt. Ezmarelda can hold her own, and every now and again, Sapphire gets more than she bargained for with Ezmarelda.

Its fun to watch Sapphire sit back and watch Ezmarelda (her baby sister) explore. She also likes to ambush Ezmarelda from around the corner. It is so much fun discovering their different personalities.



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