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When Men Were Men: Masculinity, Power and Identity in Classical Antiquity (Leicester-Nottingham Studies in Ancient Society)

When males have been Men questions the deep-set assumption that men's background speaks and has continuously spoken for we all, by way of exploring the heritage of classical antiquity as an explicitly masculine story.
With a preface by means of Sarah Pomeroy, this research employs diversified methodologies and makes a speciality of a extensive diversity of resource fabrics, classes and areas.

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The Oxford Handbook of Ancient Greek Religion (Oxford Handbooks)

This guide bargains a entire assessment of scholarship in historic Greek faith, from the Archaic to the Hellenistic sessions. It provides not just key info, but additionally explores the ways that such details is accumulated and the several methods that experience formed the realm. In doing so, the quantity presents a vital examine and orientation software for college students of the traditional international, and likewise makes a necessary contribution to the main debates surrounding the conceptualization of historic Greek faith.

Euripides I: Alcestis, Medea, The Children of Heracles, Hippolytus (The Complete Greek Tragedies)

Euripides I comprises the performs “Alcestis,” translated via Richmond Lattimore; “Medea,” translated through Oliver Taplin; “The childrens of Heracles,” translated through Mark Griffith; and “Hippolytus,” translated by way of David Grene. Sixty years in the past, the collage of Chicago Press undertook a momentous undertaking: a brand new translation of the Greek tragedies that may be the final word source for academics, scholars, and readers.

Oedipus the King

To be had for the 1st time as an autonomous paintings, David Grene’s mythical translation of Oedipus the King renders Sophocles’ Greek into cogent, shiny, and poetic English for a brand new new release to enjoy. through the years, Grene and Lattimore’s entire Greek Tragedies were the popular number of thousands of readers—for own libraries, person learn, and lecture room use.

Life and Letters in the Ancient Greek World (Routledge Monographs in Classical Studies)

From the 1st ‘deadly symptoms’ scratched on a wood pill teaching the recipient to kill the person who added it, to the letters of St Paul to the early Church, this booklet examines the variety of letter writing within the historic Greek international. Containing large translated examples from either existence and fiction, it offers a glimpse into the lives of either usual humans and political existence.

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330). IS Placet omnem masculum posse postumum hercdem scribere. , sive iam maritus take a seat sive nondum uxorem duxerit (Dig. 28. 2. 4). sixteen that's. anyone incapable of penile erection- for purposes of the time period. see additional under. I 7 Sed est quaesitum an is, qui generare facile non possit, postumum heredem facere possit. et scribit Cassius et lavolenus posse: nam et uxorem ducere et adoptare potest. spadonem quoque posse postumum heredem scribere et Labco et Cassius scribunt: quoniam nee aetas nee sterilitas ei rei impedimenta est. Sed si castratus take a seat, lulianus Proculi opinionem secutus non putat postumum heredem posse instituere, quo iure utimur. Hermaphroditus aircraft, si in eo virilia praevalebunt, postumum heredem instituere poterit (Dig. 28. 2. 6. pr. ,l). 18 Si quis postumos. quos consistent with aetatem aut valetudinem habere uniqueness non potest, heredes instituit, superius testamentum rumpitur. quod natura magis in homine generandi et consuetudo spectanda est, quam temporale vitium aut valetudo, propter quam abducatur homo a generandi facultate (Dig. 28. 2. 9). 19 Dig. SO. sixteen. 128: t! Jlibiae,tlrliasiae. Dalla 1978, one hundred twenty five observes that Theophilus Par. 1. eleven. nine speaks of spadones within the narrower, pathological, feel. i. e. these impotent from common explanations, as theoretically in a position to restoration and therapy; this. Dalla thinks. it used to be essential to specify end result of the expectation that adoption might stick with nature. although, the Roman legislations of adoption doesn't make any requirement of efficiency within the adopter. 20 So Dalla 1978, 255. At 269 he means that girls were marrying spccclones (in the widest experience. , together with cas/tall) as an try and ward off the consequences of the Julian legislation on celibates with no the danger of getting sons. and that the excellence in Dig. 28. 2. 6 displays an try out, within the 3rd century advert, to house the case of such marriages getting used to bypass the legislations. iu fraudem legis. besides the fact that, the previous supposition, whether precise. isn't substantiated within the resources, and, at least. as proven above. the query of the establishment of posthumous heirs is raised for different purposes, and what's correct is the procreative means of the male testator. now not the validity of any current or destiny marriage. Jn Dig. forty. 2. 14. I Marcianus says castratus can't manumit marrimonii ,·uusu; besides the fact that, the problem isn't the validity of the meant marriage however the obtrusive fraudulent reason of a manumission opposite to the stipulations of the lex Aelia Semia. 21 within the widest experience, spaclones may perhaps contain even castrati: Dig. 21. I. 6. 2 (Uipian}, 7 (Paulus): 23. three. 39_ I (Paulus). this can be present in dialogue of the aedile's edict, as to what does or doesn't represent a actual disorder in slaves, horses and mules. Ulpian thinks slave who's spado is sound. a~ is one with faulty testicles buL nonetheless in a position to producing- yet, Paulus provides, if this is the case worthy a component 149 JANEL G,\RDNER 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 or his physique is completely lacking. he's IIJflrlm. fUS (IJix. 21. 1. 6. 2, 7). Mutes, although, arc via dcnnilion incapable of procreation, SO castration is inappropriate LO their soundness.

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