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Literature and Religion at Rome: Cultures, Contexts, and Beliefs (Roman Literature and its Contexts)

This booklet exploits fresh reevaluations of Roman faith for you to argue in prefer of taking the spiritual dimensions of Roman literature heavily, as vital cultural paintings of their personal correct. rather than seeing Roman spiritual and literary job as spinoff and parasitic upon Greek originals, the e-book questions the romanticizing biases of classical experiences, and argues for the facility and creativity of the Romans of their engagements with Greek tradition.

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A Big Heart Open to God: A Conversation with Pope Francis

The area used to be stunned whilst Jesuit magazines around the globe concurrently published an specific interview with Pope Francis, simply six months into his historical papacy. inside of mins of its free up, the interview ruled the global media. In a wide-ranging dialog, Pope Francis spoke movingly approximately his religious existence, his hopes for church reform, his open-minded stance towards gays and lesbians, his perspectives on ladies, or even his favourite videos.

The Northern Crusades: Second Edition

The 'Northern Crusades', encouraged through the Pope's demand a Holy battle, are much less celebrated than these within the center East, yet they have been additionally extra profitable: massive new territories grew to become and stay Christian, resembling Finland, Estonia and Prussia. Newly revised within the gentle of the hot advancements in Baltic and northerly medieval study, this authoritative evaluate presents a balanced and compelling account of a tumultuous period.

The Gospel According to Jesus Christ

A wry, fictional account of the lifetime of Christ via Nobel laureate José Saramago A wonderful skeptic, José Saramago envisions the lifetime of Jesus Christ and the tale of his ardour as issues of this earth: a baby crying, the caress of a girl part asleep, the bleat of a goat, a prayer uttered within the grayish morning mild.

Calvin at the Centre

Calvin on the Centre explores the implications of varied rules within the considered John Calvin, and the impression of his principles on later theologians. The publication units to at least one part the belief that Calvin's perspectives are simply biblical and unaffected by way of the actual highbrow situations during which he lived.

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